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Below is a current listing of the Properties that we currently have available for option in Newfoundland & Labrador

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Aucoin Property - Labrador
13N/06 Licence # 025316M

1996 --> DC AR-96-02 2.07 g/t Au over 12.4m 
including 12.43 g/t Au over 1.05m
2004 -->grab sample o/c 477.46 g/t Au > 100,000 ppb Ag
2005 --> new showing 600 m south  3.1 g/t Au , 0.7 ppm Ag, .05 ppm Te
2017-18 -->Compilation of all reports

Chiouk Brook  (Bay D'Espoir Highway)
2D/11 Licence # 025105M

DC highlights 1.24 g/t Au over 3.13 m & 2.24 g/t Au over 1.03 m

Grab samples up to 25 g/t Au
Black sedimentary boulders ~12 g/t Au not sourced
area of qtz breccia away areas drilled not sampled
2018 prior work to be compiled

Wounded Knee  (near Jack's Pond)
12A/10 Licence # 023518M & 024509M

2015 -->3 stockwork qtz. veins19 --> 2319 ppb Au
2016 -->re-sample veins13-->1168 ppb Au
               float sample (local) 4593 ppb Au
2017 -->mapped veins, soil sampled 024509M
             2 clusters of Au anomolies  5 --> 71 ppb
Located just north of Valentine Lake  trend

Qunn Lake
12A/07 Licence # 023685M & 023731M

1990 --> Noranda till survey Au (5,5,5,122,155,172,190, & 528 ppb)  not followed up ??
2008 --> Paragon regional soil survey Au (122 & 138 ppb)
not followed up due to poor road conditions
2016 -->trip to property 5 float sample poor results
2017-->bridge washed out no access (to be repaired)
2017-->Compilation  maps in Qgis
             Local geology consistent with adjoining
             Marathon & Antler gold projects
             Consistent magnetic anomalies

Hand Camp  Information Package

Site of Au 477.46 g/t
Similar to Chiouk Brook Rocks
Similar to WK Qtz. Veins
What we expect to find at Quinn Lake
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